About Gian Aryanti

Om Swastyastu,

Hello! I am Gian, some people call me Putu since my full name is Putu Gian Aryanti.
I am a-pure-blood-Balinese, living in Bali since I was born until 2008.
I had been living in Bintaro-Jakarta for seven years to study and work in a government institution, and now I am living in Surakarta, Jawa Tengah to continue my study.

I had blogged before (gianaryanti.blogspot.com), but I rarely wrote and always made excuses for not share any. Now I want this blog to be a media where I can share my thoughts, experiences, what I love, and maybe you can find some useful tips!

Some of my posts are sponsored, but I can tell you that I only share my true feelings and always try to give objective opinions. All of my opinions and comments (also critics sometimes) are based on my true experiences and written honestly.

Happy Reading!

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