Friday, April 1, 2016

To Accept

Have you ever come to a point where all the things you do is not working? What you believe you can do is ended up with mess. The harder you try the worse you get. Everything is confusing. You think you're stressed out, then you take everything you believe can cure it. Take an extra sleep, buy ice cream (s), have a long long break and not doing anything. Does It end? I don't think so.

I am. I am at a point that everything I wanna achieve just came out. Everything I'm trying to do ended up with failure. I am not at my best. Maybe I just don't give my best. Yet.

You now tell me about take my time?
I did slept, watched movies, had ice cream, pampered myself, ate, took a break, but nothing went better.

When I come at this point, perhaps the only thing I should do is to accept. Acceptance includes letting myself do wrong, knowing that I'm far from perfection, understanding that I can't do everything flawlessly. Well, It's easy to tell, but so hard to do.

Just believe that nothing last too long. Desperation sometimes hits you, then you only have to make fun of It.

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