Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Wedding Zein & Dania!

Finally, one of my very best friend was getting married (28.11.2015). Then I decide to wrote him a letter.

I still remember how you told me about would not marry until 30. How your perspective about marriage, about getting child without marry (yes, you mean adoption!). You love cute child but you didn't like the idea about making commitment in marriage. How you're very passionate about your plans, your carier, and your argument that marriage could only become an obstacle of your success.

How funny,
Then you met her. Suddenly what had been in your mind turned over. You started to count her as your future. You thought about having plan together with her. Reach your dream with her by your side. Live together, raise children. Then you know she's the only one that would makes your life complete. Either good or bad, both of you would walk the path, together.
Love is magical, isn't it?

I'm very happy for you both.
Marriage is not only the world of you two. It's not only about happily living together.
It's bulding a bridge between each other family. It's connecting two very different cultures. It's about seeing your wife's/husband's face everyday and are not getting bored. It's accepting your partner's in his/her worst. It's facing problems together and are not being hopeless.
Marriage is not an obstacle. It should lift up each other's quality of life. It strengthens each other. It never cuts each other's wings, on the contrary It supposed to makes you fly higher.

Happy Married Life for you two,
we hope many happiness find you in every corner of the world as you begin your new life together.

PS : Many thanks to PopYourHeart for making our gift memorable.

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1 comment:

  1. Thankyou Gian!

    Sebenernya wishes kita cuma satu sih, bisa lebih banyak kirim postcard ke kamu. Hhahahahah. Sik sik sik asik. :))))